Cristy's Dallas "B" Banjo Uke
Endorsed by George Formby
Repair to play

Initial Pics

Neck has pronounced forward pull from 5 back to the nut.
Will require planing, new fingerboard, new inlay, new side markers, new frets, new finish

Head appears sturdy, will clean and re-try it

Flanges are all bent, I will flatten them


Pulling frets, veneer is thin, and dry

Tape helps hold for re-glue. This is only a base board now.

Leveling, its taking from both ends to get closer to level

Will stop there and make the rest up in new laminate and new fingerboard

Clamped overnite

Trimming, profiling

Ready to slot

Using old marks for saw cuts

Going slow, as time permits.
3 frets, side marker, inlay, go forth

Stripped of hand brushed varnish, was not orig.

Old color showing from under plaque

re-tint, new clear


Hardware cleaned, head is holding
Sealed wear spot on side, not all the way thru
Sanded some scum off, looks nicer.

All frets /inlays/side dots, leveled, crowned, polished

Ready for new finish

Tinted and taking on clear


New felt in notch, fresh coat of tint inside
New tuner screws, holding pitch well
Board is flat, seems all OK to me
new nut, slotted for nylons

Only use correct screwdriver when tightening
They are friction tuners and at times, need the button screws snugged

Tuned GCEA

Playing well up and down, nice clear tone.
Re-strung with what was on it, (light gauge) seems good for Formby style playing
It's good to save another fallen soldier, especially something to do with a man that had much to do with troop morale in WW2.

Thanks George, and thanks for looking