Phil W's
Dale Small BD6

Re fret-Clean-New Head-Setup

Finish is degrading and has buckle rash and war dents, a typical of a "Played" banjo

Will refinish on next fret job

Original frets have been sealed in with cyano and must be heated out.

Rim will be cleaned and waxed

All rim parts cleaned and waxed, ready for new head

This is very tricky when you have celluloid bindings and I will show what can happen
When a fret is driven in and the end touches the binding, there is a critical second to when the glue smokes out, the binding does not.

Where the dark spot is, the binding started to go when the fret wire got hot enough to pull free...sizzle

But alot worse on the last one (of course)
Big Sizzle
This happens in an instant.... and I will deal with it.
The repair compound will be Stew Mac #20 White Cyanoacrylate, which I have ordered.

Fret wire tang cut back with special shear tool
This allows me to fret "over the binding"

You get the most coverage when you get outside the white.

The wire of choice is Stewmac 147, standard banjo wire

My grandson Silas making sure I have the vise snugged up.
Note the foam used to keep his head from bumping the underside.

All wires in and sealed but the #1, I will wait to repair that boo boo.

Charred area cleaned out

Teflon dam to impede flow into the slot

Stew Mac #20  cyano in White.
New Product, just in time.

Normal accelerator, will spray the area and then lay on layers until I have enough.

All filled, ready to sand

Very good fix for this type of Malady.


New head installed and brought to tension, strung to pitch and playing VG, no buzzing on the new fretwork.

A little more dial in and settling and she will be ready to test will PW comes to pick her up.
Nice powerful banjo, Dale certainly had the "Right stuff" when it came to making banjos.
It is nice to still be working "With" him
Thanks for watching,