Proto Neck for Archtop 2
2nd Mule neck is from Epi 6 string, cut down peg head, will pull board and go with 22 fret
This is a standard peg head, not a drop down like #1

Will pull truss to free it up from the cavity, most of these work poorly until I fit them

Just a heel from pine will do

You can see where its sectioned, the top tuners will be below the joinery.
Again, it is a prototype, others will be made right from the start.

After gluing

Picking a board

After mounting the heel, I am fairing it in with #10 CA and wood dust

That is Cyanide gas from a fast catalyzation, do not breathe it.

I use wax paper to press down the dust before I add accelerant, this doesn't stick.

Next batch

Soaked the heel with it as well, rough shaping done

White lacquer for primer, to look for highs and lows while I contour it.

I will shape it all up and drill out tuners, prep for board.
More when time permits!