Bad dowel
Bad Frets- Fingerboard divots
 Bad neck Angle up/down and side/side

Busted off the broke wood, will use this lag to my benefit

Plugging off

Gold plated adjustable rod, and L Bracket tailpiece hanger is going to be its new life.

Ready to pull frets and level board

Level and slots repaired, going back in with Stewmac 147 wire

Replacing all colors of stones that are missing

Pressing, and sealing new wire as I go

Complete, board taking on oil.
Before it had a finish on it that was ugly so now its natural wood, warmer looking

Refinishing the gravings, then a little clear over just the paint work

Removing plastic nut, new German Bone nut installed

All complete, ready to install

Neck shimmed to proper angles and set tight, and has settled in 2 days
All setup went well, plays well up and down on 9/16 to 5/8 bridges with lots of pep and playability

All waxed up and ready to come to Dallas

Banjo is now pleasant to fret and has a good look and feel, I think Poole will be happy
Thanks for watching