17 fret openback

Restore to customer's specification's
Refret - Rebind -Refinish neck
look for other issues

30 bracket rim, banjo in good cond, normal wear and tear.
Gibson style armrest. modern tuners and head
Grover Window Tailpiece, setup GDAE on DA mando strings
1/2 bridge, cut down


Fret wear to 7 on original board needs some dressing, need to install new 147 wire full length

Neck height flat with tone ring, neck angle fair, contact good, cannot rise over head plane without modifications

Cracked side binding, no marker dots
Will be removed during refret and replaced with like style, and add side markers
All slots must be widened for new style wire and deepened after leveling


Taped off to inhibit cracking around fret slots while pulling old wire
All will be sealed and made sturdy, the pearwood is always very brittle

Strengthening slots with #10 and catalyze

Ready to pull bindings, 2nd one today

Its time is over.

Taped pulled ready to level

Knock down the glue peaks with 120 then chalk it and check for low-high spots


All cleaned up and flat again,

Reslotting to depth

Ready to bind and fret
Binding channels all cleaned

Sealing all inlay, they always need it
The #10 will wick in under most anything

First side on

Scraped to profile

add markers


Ready for frets

Compressing the 147 into the fresh slots, feels good

Sealing the wire


Taking the ends off

Ready to level

Recrowning file

End dressing file

Fine wool

Final oiling

ready to strip finish

Peghead is slightly cupped,  I'll get most of that out

Fiebigs to blacken the Pearwood overlay

Taking on clear after sealing the rest of the cracks
Neck tint  (Vintage Golden Maple) Applied

3 coats clear Mohawk, 2 to go, then on to the rim


No refinish on rim , Original plating VG
I cleaned the dirt from it all,  hand polished the Metal and the Varnish and triple waxed with Renaissance

Removed the Smudged REMO stamp
Neck ready for wetsanding and hand polishing

I will use 0000 fine wool to "Satinize" the peghead and heel, as well as the back of the neck
Then I will bring it to a mellow shine with hand polish
Heel and back /sides of peghead will be shiny


Strung to pitch with furnished Gauges
Banjo sounds VG
Neck angle good, heel contact good, Neck level and fretting up and down the board as it should

Standard Tubaphone build does not allow for full one 1/2 Bridge on plastic head

Factory -Low Neckset, even with plane of head

Not a design flaw, banjo was made to play high action because of calfskin head sag during performances
You started high and hoped you were not on the fingerboard by the end of the gig.
This one had .050 of shims inserted to try and gain more bridge and on this banjo that is not the answer.
There are modifications that can be done, none of which I will do until I speak with the customer to gain elevation of the fingerboard and run a higher bridge
I can set this banjo up on what bridge it has and have plenty of power and still have decent downforce and action
Irish players rarely play past 10-12 so with these gauges, it should play comfortably.
It has a nice clear tone and is not buzzing or ringing even with the setup in its first stages.