1960s Gibson PB250 Hardware (Chrome)
One piece flange
Sullivan "Historic" Rim
Stull JLS 12  flathead tone ring (Nickel Plated)
Older "Broken in" REMO head
Will replace upon request
Original  PB250 resonator and hardware
Changed from single to double rod.
Orig. Multi-ply rim and flathead ring avl.
RB250 neck by Ron Coleman

First Assembly

Die cast stamp shown here

Neck fitted, sealer coat applied, orig. 3 point resonator mounts added.
One additional Co-rod than the PB 250 was equipped with.

All fitting is good, will disassemble for finish

Rim tint added

Neck tint added, bindings tinted to match vintage resonator binding

Color match is good

Now for final clear coats

Neck buffed and frets dressed
5th peg installed

Setup on Modern 60's "PRESTO" branded tailpiece
It is heavier, and adjustable, a good tailpice from that era.
Grover inserted bridge for the tester.
I prefer the tone of these vintage plastic heads. Plastic also changes properties over time and anyone that has broken an old plastic head in half knows they SNAP.

GHS mediums to break it in, furnished by

All Gotoh tuners with cream buttons, furnished by Bob Smakula

Now it will set a week before any real adjustments, the new neck must settle in and get used to tension.
Its a nice flat neck, just the perfect amount of relief and it already sounds HUGE.
I have high hopes.