TJ's Vox 1 Resonator
Repair Delaminations - severe-from Pyralin shrinkage
Re-bind, buff and wax

Upper lip smashed by shipping
Flanges took it out I'm guessing
All binding removed
 Will rebuild the top lip after sealing the delaminations

Prepped, removed all broken wood and  made ready for re-work

All the delam's caused by celluloid shrinkage.
It is a powerful force that can laterally rip laminated ply.

Going around, gluing and clamping 

Running the new binding, i will rebuild the backing after this sets.
It's easier to put the stripping onto an existing binding, using it a as a form.

Strips in, and adding blacking to the topside

All binding profiled, finish inside completed

Wet sanded to 1200, ready to buff

Side buffed, new felt added

ready to buff back

All ready to go.
A decent outcome for where we started, it will be able to go back to work now.
Thanks for watching,