TJ's  1956 Vox Neck Project
Heavily degraded Peghead
Degraded finish
 Worn out frets
Missing #3 inlay

Slowly removing the old finish, I cannot take it down as far as I would wish because of the level of degradation.
I can get it down to where I can save the graved lines.

Ok, a 220 grit scuff, and will seal it, now for the wood

All scraping, hard varnish cracks like glass

You can see both tint colors in the crazing

Prepped for the first tint

Frets in, new inlay installed
Leveled crowned and polished
147 Stew Mac wire
Tinted, will detail it with Dana's Vega Deluxe Electric.
New brushes and acrylics

Moving along

Ready for the orange.
Cadmium red and yellow for that mix

neck is ready for its reddish brown tint, then clear coats to the finish line.
Second color coat for peghead will occur while that cures