Ibanez / Gibson TB to RB 800 Conversion

Conversion neck by Ron Coleman/Clifford Seales

The 800 neck is at the bottom, the other is a nice RB3 neck Ron and Clifford made for us.

Conversion Pics


Artist rim with 20s TB3 neck
Basically the same look as RB 800 marquetry
Neck fretted and ready for finish
We will need a gold 5th peg and a case to fit it for return

The metric hooksets and Ibanez nuts help ID the rim
Engraving is also not the same as USA Gibson

See the neck touch the head.
Ron got very close using RB800 specs.

This head is maxed out and the new neck cannot fit at the heel

I will have to relieve a little of the tube cut

About that much

The repro sticker is shot, I have some NOS ones that are just as old, and I hope they will still work.

Rim cleaned , old sticker off

In my Gibson logo stash

Wet down

Even with utmost care the old stock is brittle and a little fell off the edge, no big deal, matches the patina of the rim and better than the other one.

Ok, now it will fit the rim so the scary part is over.
So my French friend can breathe again.
Someday I will open this bottle T-bone.....but not now :)
I want it aged to perfection.

Lags fitted and neck fitted to rim

The heel cut is proper and looks good now

Alignment and elevation where it needs to be.

Truss cover fitted, fifth string pip installed, nut installed.
5 star 5th string peg arrived today, so I will ream the neck to fit.

Good to go

Some identifying marks for security.
A thief would not know the meaning

Clear coat to seal, now for the tint

I like that, now for the fade.

I like that, so now I will see if my friend Tbone wants the resonator refinished or just left as is.
I will be adding clear in the mean time.


All back together and ready to setup on DR strings furnished by

Filing in the nut slots.
I found a spare tuner of the same style I will place in the case for a spare, you never know when "Bone" will need it.

The neck has a steep angle and will accept all the way up to this 21/32" bridge with ease.
 Plenty of downforce, it has a clean driving tone.

I have taken fine wool to make the finish more satin in some areas, to match the older look of the rim assembly

I will let it set under tension for a few days to give the neck time to settle in and then do my final adjustments on the truss and check all of the frets.


I swapped out the old tenor case for a 70s Saga Case, still in good condition.
I will wipe the shop dust off it and get it packed up

Thanks T-bone, always a pleasure working with you and thanks for watching,