Rare instrument
1920's Uke
Teardrop shape
Mahogany top and sides.
Poplar back and neck
"Pat Pend" on peg head reverse
Original instrument but unplayable.
Dried out, but worth saving,
Has original canvas front loader case, not functional but GC otherwise


As you can see, a good challenge.
All thin wood, many issues.

Neck set is still tight.
Will pull the back and go from there

Had a missing brace and a broken brace, fixed that.
Now to cleat around on some cracks without getting too heavy so will use balsa
All is getting fresh glue, neck and end block as well.
Sealing the top cracks between cleats and braces, keeping it light.
Will do the back last.

Seal on the topside, now to shave it flat again now that bracing works

Good to go

A  thin coat of lacquer on the inside, just to seal the aged wood.

Bottom cleated, ready to install

Binding tape all pulling well

End and tail blocks pressured upon.

Block sanding to final

I will make a "Faux Rosewood" look since it has color that is too deep to sand out.

doing a had rubbed stain to get an old fashion look

Frets all sealed and dressed fingerboard stripped and done in Orange, with one coat sealer, then fine wool to satin.

Upgrading to markers and side markers
3/32" on the fingerboard

1/16 on the side.

Upgrading from wood pegs to these nice 20s frictions. Waverly mfg.

3 coats, time to cure, then I will Steel wool the body, neck, and buff it but now its setup time


Domino says he will hold it from falling.
Aquila Soprano Strings
Furnished by

Nice tone, will let strings and such settle in and fine tune it

I think this will find a happy home.
Thanks for watching