Tom's Dad's Gibson RB-175
Long-neck Folk Banjo
Repair crack in peghead
Refinish neck and rim
Re-fret- (wide wire)
Plating was mentioned, I have an alternative plan.
Replace all oxidized hardware with modern, saving the old pieces as originals.
On down the line, if it ever was sold from the family it would retain more value with the hardware left as is, and riding along with the instrument.
Repro is also MUCH cheaper than plating.
Recommend modern tuners, with geared 5th peg.
New head strings and bridge

Neck is arrow straight, and takes up 7/8ths of the bench :)
Well played, well loved.

Other than the crack, and  it is all as it should be.
Orig L Bracket for tailpiece broke, has a home made replacement


2 piece armrest in 2 piece, that is nothing new.
Window tailpiece missing adjusting screw, also normal.
Both of these will be replaced with correct modern replacement and  originals thrown in the case pocket.

Neat, I have never stripped one of these models, knew not of the metal inserts!

SOOOOO glad no one tried to glue this before...good move.
I have first opened this up by twisting it, fed in water only first, then Fish glue.
Water....Fish........goes well together.
Something I could get water thin and deep into the crack.
I plan an invisible pin that spans the peghead crack in 3 places, it will be good to go.

Pressure being applied up top to hold the break in position while glue sets.
Its is nice and tight, and will hide in the new finish

After stripping, blacking the bottom edge

Top edge cleaned, ready for stain/finish

Stain Coat, and first clear coat

Will order a hook set,stow these away.

Same with tension hoop.
Worth more in this condition than a brand new hoop with fresh plating.


There was enough life left in these wires to do a level/re-crown-polish-oil board-buff board-wax board
That savings will cover the new hardware, and thats a good thing.
I treat others $ better than I do my own, thats for sure!

Good to go, will tape off while I add finish

After stripping and fine sanding repair area, first sealer coat
Tint coat will follow, then clear coats.

Tint completed, sealed, clear going on.

Here it is alongside of the "Perpetrator" of such a long neck, the "Pete Seeger model" Vega
Its odd for me, to have 1 of each on the bench at the same time, in a shop dominated by 4 string instruments.

All the new hardware arrived,with a new head
Neck ready for buffing and new tuners
Had to use old back plate and screw for new armrest.
The new one is too wide to fit in there.

New 5th string pip installed with  5 smooth new Gotoh tuners

Final coat of oil, before stringing it up


All of the old pieces are packed in the case and the hoop and old head will be in the top of the box.

The box on the right, facing.
Time to load up.
Ready to go home so Dad can make some music again

Thanks for watching,Vinnie