TJ Trujo Workpage

Repair old cracks
Fab new Mute mounting for Tension Lock tailpiece
Fret Job

The trick I use for removing the 5/16 lag bolt nut that is deep in the a wrench, and then a pointed scribe

Loosen the nut first....

And then I push the scribe into the nut side and push it clockwise, rotating the nut, this is faster than using the wrench and flipping it over and over, its just easier for me, if the nut binds wiggle the neck a bit....

The heel has been glued, I will pin it for stability with copper tubes

Up top it took a lick on the Tour I will pin this as well and refinish the area

Making a drive pin

I shot glue in and then inserted thru the peghead

Now for the tubes at the heel

Other pins are from an older repair, this banjo is a "warhorse"

Copper in, tubes are easy to drill out if need be, slugs are not.

Shading completed

Taking on clear coats

Installing New Frets


Attaching hangar bolt to tailpiece, hard mount with washers, lock washer

Then a large washer to go over the adjusting slot on mute

And then another large washer / lock / nut

Now the mute and tailpiece are one piece. all forward and rear adjustments can be made on bottom nut, to land it over the bridge correctly

That's nicer and tight now

relieving the bracket a tad so it has a nice tight spot to ride into, and allow the next stage of nuts to clear co- rod end nut.

Another set of Nut/washer / Lbracket / washer/ nut to finalize that part of the new mounting

Used some aluminum tape instead of black over the flaking plating


Now to add some extra retention for the mute, I have the plan

I'll drill thru the bracket on each side and mount a resonator hex lug from the 1926 Gibson style, they are 1/4" hex threaded, very small compared to later model, and then Ill add nuts inside to lock them on.... run screws thru them that will bear agains the rim skirt to offset side to sidee movement and to allow the mute to be "Jacked back"  to better center it fwd and back, as well as side to side

That's after the work is completed, its working well.

Now to get it back home to TJ for a "Burn in" to test all the new work!

Thanks for watching