The Vega Company, Boston Mass
Tubaphone No.9
22 fret (24 to the extension)
27" scale Elevated and extended ebony fingerboard
11-13/16" 30 bracket rim
Vintage Calfskin Head
Original tuners with MOP buttons
All Orig Hardware, no refinish.
Original Frets in VG shape, saw little play time
Excellent MOP in fingerboard, all gravings sharp like new.

Kershner Tailpiece
OHSC in fair cond
Dressed frets, cleaned and oiled board, cleaned and waxed hardware
Original finish, except that small repair area
Strung Classical, Silk wound and Nylons, gives a nice full tone and good power.
Easy to play

Initial pics
Had some holes in the peghead that someone drilled to make it a 6 string
Just so you know where I started


Yes, I was appalled as well, but moving on!
I added MOP pieces  that were from other broken Vega inlays, so the style of lines was "close"and repaired the area with minimal finish.
It's not perfect, but it will be priced accordingly and looks fine if you are not staring at it.
I have pics of that repair sequence online on my FB "Banjo Talk" page


MOP buttons cleaned and polished
Bottom tip of star was damaged, added in a piece of similar Vega MOP
One hole was there, the other is the dark spot by the B tuner

On the front, I added in some more Vega MOP between the 2 bottom tuners.
Did not try to make invisible, just tolerable to keep it within a budget.
This banjo in perfect condition is valued at 2500.00 in the current market
This one will be priced to sell, as a player, not a collector.