Mike V's
Epiphone Deluxe

Repair resonator
Refret - refinish neck
No rim work

Nice example of Deluxe with issues normal to the design

Celluloid shrinkage on fingerboard and binding

Normal plating wear

I will graft in something that is as close as I can get to the original celluloid

Resonator has wood and veneers lifting on both back and sides but I've seen much worse

Frets are orig bar wire and ROUGH AS A COB.
I grated some Romano on them for my Ziti Noodles

Board is ON, just shrunken a little

Binding on treble side will be new

I will use some of this Gibson TB2 overlay, its a shot neck and overlay is cracked so....cannibalize time.

Under the old shellac is more yellow

Getting it as close as I can to the original break profile

Profiled on the edges

Some left now for the next guy, or a Gibson with a flattop :)

That's what's left of the old wire
 It is 2 times wider than normal wire, all new wire will be glued into the board

Easy to see the shrinkage here, frets all out

Removing the binding pieces

New piece installed

Shaped and smoothed

Fingerboard is "Cupped" as most all of them are, all this is shrinkage (Look at the center)
I will span the fret over the binding and fill in the gap with cyano, my common method and it works perfectly.
You cannot save these fingerboard any other way unless you make a new one, its best to work around the malady.

The slots are super wide when you take in the shrink factor

Filling slots and gluing as I go

All done, ready for markers

3/32 is what it had orig, and that's what Im using
Mike's old eyes can see these better :)

Polished the headstock, leaving all orig finish as is

Old finish off, ready for new

Taking on clear
The back overlay will not get finish, only high polish as it was from factory because it is not crazing as bad as the resonator, which will get refinished

Pulling the edge down 2" at a time

All finish off the side, its alot lighter eh?
You can see where I have to pull down on it

All side areas repaired, now for the back

Filling and then pushing with a flat board, then accelerating it.

All sealed and wetsanding the surface, not the paint
You can see where I sealed and scraped the peripheries, that will darken again over time

I'll need a few touch ups on the color, Ill mix some acrylics

Spraying on the clear coats


Rim was never disassembled per Mikes orders.
Banjo is playing very well on low action with smooth frets now.
Resonator is 2 coats away from done

Only a little tung oil for the inside of resonator

And some new felt









Thanks for watching,Vinnie