Derek's Vegavox 2

All good parts, ready to assemble after neck finish is applied and fretwork, etc.

I will clean everything and get the rim together whilst I work on the neck

Nice rim, all is well here.

Typical close drillings, on the prewar hoops

All cleaned, new head, ready to assemble

The more modern tailpiece has been rebuilt by someone so should be good to go, and it has new plating

I sealed all the binding so it still has the look of patina'ed binding but its all tight, and Im adding side markers
Many Vegas did not have them in this era

Sealed with clear after blacking the pearwood

Tint chosen is Light Golden Brown, to match this year resonator color
I think this is close, Im happy with it
Domino is non complacent, he knows this is my normal choices :)

Now for a few coats of clear while I add new frets
Fingerboard is taped off, looks like black.

Fretwork completed


Peghead heavily infused with Silicones, I will  remove this coat....make a barrier coat of  Fisheye eliminator and try again

After overcoming the Fisheyes on peghead, the rest of the finish went well.
I just did one more coat of oil on the board, ready to assemble

New Schallers installed

Rim and dowel were left orig., no refinish

The "5 is misstamped, on rim and dowel.... but you can see where they penciled a 5 over it.
I have seen a messed up 5 once before.......
The long lines are where the serial number stamping block cooked the wood a bit

Ready to string up

GHS 30-24-14-10
Farquhar 1/2 2 footed Vox bridge

Tuned to pitch, all frets playing out well
Nut is adjusted, that's about it.


Banjho is playing well up and down, with VG Vox tone
I will let it settle in and tweak it, then get it on out the door to Derek so he can get started on Tenor.
Thanks for watching