Late 1920s
19 fret tenor

Initial pics

Mostly original, with what looks to be like an old refinish that was stripped and no color re-added
Early round hole flange model
No Armrest
Presto tailpiece

I have seen this style resonator only 3 times

It has a really tasteful engraved Nickel plated logo held down by friction tuner posts

Some engraving was also added, not by Stromberg

Wayne sent me a Tailpiece and neck brace to aid in the missing pieces

Large shim to make up space on the neck

No Metal Name Plate, dowel stamped with STROMBERG and MARIMBA  5055


Nice quality head , sold by Bruno, a Musical supply house

Standard Cuppophone, no mods

Mostly the larger Fairbanks 5/16 nuts, some replacements


Rim in good order

Ready to pull neck hardware

An engraved "P P"  was probably the reason for the Metal cover, to hide a previous owners name after resale?

After removal of frets, I am sealing the dry slots with cyano to strengthen that area.

I can see now, the only place the refinisher missed was right under where the  the dowel ferrule sets
That's the correct Stromberg color

Adding the color back to the bottomside

Now for a medium brown tint

ready for clear coats

Fretwork completed
New 147 Stew Mac wire for comfort

Adding side markers

Adding color coat/ clear coat

Since 90 percent of the binding channel is broken away, I will go about the repair in reverse

I have cut all the overburden down and left just a thread of the old channel where I could

Now I am carefully gluing the new binding to the channel so that it is as perfect to the outside as I can get it with all the little warps this reso has in it.

all glued down and sides sanded smooth, now to go into the inside and figure the best way to add the wood flange lip back onto it but it will go easier with the binding in place to butt up against.
I will cut the topside to the same size as the bottom binding when its stable

Color coat shot, middle strip and binding taped off with fine line

Tape pulled and taking on clear
Lights make medium brown look more red than in natural light


Hardware polished and waxed, getting this show on the road

I dyed the top lip with the medium brown in case a clear head is mounted, it dresses it up

Spiffy looking

A few more coats of clear on the neck and it will be ready to install
Same with the resonator, I have a little more on it to do on the inside while the outside gets clear coats

The Gatling Gun is coming into its own!

I cleaned the top of the skin and will assemble the rim

Digging into the old "Reserve" of oddball Stromberg parts, I was able to change out all the incorrect hooksets with proper originals
This is an older Stromberg so it uses the Fairbanks, not the Vega nut which is 5/16, not 9/32 but of the same shape/


Skin is in VG shape, nice and tight, should give good service
I cleaned it up a bit

Final coats on Neck and resonator, I will buff them and assemble

Darkening the gravings


Friction tuners nice and tight

Tailpieces had one broken string ear but still can be hooked on securely
That's a setup bridge on it, I'll make one to fit this super thin neck profile

All setup and playing well up and down

I will let it settle in as usual, tweak it out and get it back home to the family of Strombergs that await its return !
It has that nice ragtime sound that I and accustomed to from a Stromberg on skin, and it should give good service.
Thanks for watching

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