Restore as needed
Refinish as needed

Banjo has some parts recently plated, flange has older plating

All fingerboard inlay in GC as is Peghead overlay
Neck needs frets and refinish

No heel crack, 1 non original tension hook set, original tuners

Resonator has cracks on inside veneer, and some added stops

2 non original  non plated screws on the neck adjuster

I'm lucky enough to have the spanner wrench for Weymann tuners.
Most people have to stick anything they can in them to loosen them

The added stops need to be canted, that's how this flange is supposed to set


The Weymann used less metal than any banjo of the era, and still has a big volumous tone
It does have a true cast brass arched tone ring

Now to get to the work.

I went thru the existing frets and am finishing off the crowning now
They were lightly worn but poorly finished out so now they are dressed and sealed and will be polished on up.
If they act funny in the setup, Ill just deal with that then but I feel they are fine.

Stripping the Old Varnish.
This has to be the thickest finish I have ever seen, seriously.
It is at least 20 mils think, maybe 25
Marine Gelcoat is 30-35!
Im going through stripper like there is no tomorrow.

All good and taking on clear

Sealing all the cracks in the rosewood veneers with water thin cyano.
It has taken 1/2 oz so far, it can really wick into the crevices and crannies.
Nothing else on the planet works this well for going into places that cannot be accessed,

All sealed and 1 finish coat
I'm not going to ruin the sticker trying to get that coating out.

The recesses were full of varnish, I guess it was dipped in a vat, all nice again
Rosewood is coming back to life !

Now that's sooooo much better.
It will be much happier and able to breathe again with Mohawk Classic Instrument Lacquer.

I'll do 5 coats only on rim

I'll try a different stripper on reso for the fun of it
That's goopy Varnish from just the rim.

The spray strip takes it off like strips of Bacon
I burned some of it, its Urethane, just an old version of it.
Like pure liquid plastic.

Second strip and scrape of the back

That's 3 ounces dry, of plastic
How can this help tone, I ask all Urethane sprayers?????

One more section and we win this battle

Now that is a pretty Rosewood
My beloved Stromberg's make good use of this "no longer obtainable" old growth wood.
We have to think of renewable resource wood these days and the tress are babies compared to what was on the planet then.
I feel an obligation to let it see the light of day once again.
Another footnote
Whatever the hide glue source was for Weymann in these days is something to behold
Not one loose binding on the entire banjo?
From Philly Cheese steaks to Cow Hooves, they make great use of cattle!
(Probably from Texas)


OAA on the rim top

Some maybe Greek characters? and 192X on T ring

Graving on the tone ring is barely seen with the head on

That's all you get for the $$$!!!

Jerry called for a Renaissance head and I aim to please as a rule.
But in this instance, I pulled not 1 but 2 out of the package that had sidewall defects
So I went with my second choice, inside frosted.
We can order more and try again if he likes, or leave this one on.

That's 11" high crown
A medium would not work on Weymann and clear the neck joint
Look at the cleanliness of the Weymann rim design.
There would be NO BETTER openbacked 5 string Frailer or Clawhammerer, they are totally overlooked.
Probably a good thing for us!

Ready for the neck attaching
If you have never done a Weymann, its a "process"
Most have broken heels from people that cannot work the "Device" :)

One last board oiling and a little 3in 1, for the tuners
I put the smoothest one on the A string and all turn well

The bridge for this needs to be narrow spacing like the one I have on it
Its not a wide neck so standard throws the strings off too far.
This is 9/16 Grover

Banjo is playing very well up and down  with very good action and excellent projection.

Flange is back from Plater.
Not as yellow of a gold as is on the other pieces.
This has to do with the process this particular plater used.
New felt added on resonator.

Flange on and ready to mount.

Ok, Ill get a few glamour shots and wipe it down
I do have some Renaissance heads available now if I need to change it.
It's a fine playing banjo and should give very good service
I have not taken my own banjo out of its case since this one plays itself, I'll miss it.