Preston's Vega Style M
5 string conversion with Ramsey Neck

Minor restoration
Refinish Resonator and Rim
Clean all Hardware
Dress frets and setup on REMO Renaissance

Initial Pics

A couple flanges missing, I have some
Setup on nylons, it will get changed out metal.

Resonator is original finish, some sweat stains and battle scars


Tension nuts and hooks are mismatched , rusted and pitted  and quite a few bad nuts, I will put on nicer hook sets.


I will sand with 320 and get all the staining out I can without getting to deep.

Rim complete, resonator sealed.

Finish going on

A look with the neck


New Renaissance installed after all hardware was cleaned and waxed
Resonator still taking on clear


Everything back at tension ans settling in, sounds great already


OK  , that's it!
This thing has great power and projection even on a No Knot tailpiece.
Notes out well all up and down, a force to be reckoned with.
I'd like to try about 50 other setups to see what all this thing could offer but alas, we must move on.
The best of all Vega's in my opinion, the 30 bracket Full flanged resonator and 11-13/16 rims are the KINGFISH over the banjo pond.

Thanks for watching,Vinnie