Workpage 2017
Wheaton Whyte Laydie  No.2 Conversion
Plectrum to 5 string - Eastman neck and dowel

Good original example, 27" scale plectrum

Nice original "Bump case is perfect for conversion


Checking dowel for fit, not bad for a repro , good fit in the mortise, a tiny bit short, not enought to matter

Neck angle is good, time to glue it

Dowel is more slender than orig, I can add shim wood  down at the tip or leave off

Dowel was roughed up, as was hole before glue

You can see how off center it is, many factory necks are no better.

Looking thru, the front hole is drilled low and off center. (upside down)

Pre- drilled hole is short, cannot use back plate, must dowel and re-position hole

Lag drilled to match front hole.

Good elevation

Good angle, now to cure it

Fret sealing/dressing complete

Side Markers added

Replacement dowel stamped "R72927"
Original dowel will ride home in its original neck.

One place most people never see their Vega Serial number is inside the tone ring

And inside of the shoe band.
Old World numerals, 7s and 2s are no longer formed in that manner.

I will strip the shoes off and polish all the metal and refinish the rim
New head will be installed

Frets and finish compete, next to the Artist getting its frets removed


Gotoh's all installed, time to get this rim together

Heel cap is about .015" too long, neck does not want to touch rim.
Extended caps are a caveat anyway, easy to pop one off that is too long so I will cut it back

Score line, now for carbide cutter

That's better, now to smooth it back up.

The dowel hole drilled from maker is also .030" off, this is shown with yoke, but without backing plate.
So that has to be plugged and moved forward

One of my paint brushes just became dowel material.

Also, I wqill glue a shim into the collar to make it tighter on the much slimmer dowel stick end
This device is to keep the dowel from splitting from expansion when a tight lag bolt is used.

All tight and secured
I replaced the 1 wrong hook set with correct hardware...

...And the incorrect hanger bolt with this correct hardware


Remo Renaissance head furnished by
D'Angelico Stainless, light gauge.

After  nut cutting, being strung to pitch, head tweaked and constipated I mean....compensated bridge installed
I had one that was nice and thin by design, gives a nice full tone , real clear.
Bridge placement for frailing is EXC with the Eastman scale on the 1015 Vega rim

OK, now it is down to final tweaks and off to "The Kingfish" it will go.
A conversion with an import neck that goes this well is always welcomed.
Outcome is VG when the neck itself was made at least close to Vega specs.
They may not be just "Swap outs" but they are OK if you have the skill  or know someone that does, to dial them on in.

Thanks for watching,