The Vega Co.
Boston Mass
Whyte Laydie
17 fret Tenor

10-3/4" rim


Instrument saw some time around some wet area, the case protected a lot of it while it sacrificed itself.

One shoe was missing and a hole drilled thru rim with a hex shoe
 I'll replace that with an original and plug the hole

A few odd hooks and nuts
Heavy rust on the Steel hooks, the brass is showing  in places thru the nickel elsewhere
 It will be cleaned, buffed and waxed, all patina will remain,

Nothing I haven't seen many times
 Neglect has a familiar face in Banjohaven
I will seal all the delaminations and bindings and refinish the rim

All shoes removed from band for cleaning
They are very fragile and must be removed in a special way or you can see breakage
Below is a pic with a few broken heads glued on my bench to always remind me, that's 5 in 10 years and that is when you know the TRICK!

I will get started on the rim

All sealed, ready to dye the bottom

Its nice, the inside of a WL ring comes out easily for cleaning

Ready to assemble
I will have to make a couple screws for one that broke and one that was missing

I take a standard brass screw and cut it to length

Knock the top to the correct thickness, recut the slot, and take a little from around the outside....

One more..

Close enuf, they will be hid for many years if all goes well!

Ready to assemble

After wire wheel to remove all rust back to bare steel I coated them with Nikolas to retard oxidation
They have mucho patina, but work just fine
Nuts are  worn nickel/brass, polished a bit and sealed

4 coats Mohawk Lacquer on the neck, fine wool on peg head and heel to satin'ize them
Fingerboard leveled
All new bindings and frets and  will add side markers.
Now I will level, re-crown and dress them, oil the board and move on.

Checking fit, all OK
I fitted Grover Deluxe Friction Tuners
They are period to the model and are spring loaded.
The best frictions of the era in my opinion

Now to pop the neck off for a skin installation
I will use a Stern Tannery, 14"  medium quality hide

I have taken off some of the surface skin that was loose with 320 grit and am burnishing the head with wax paper to seal the pores

Setup on GHS string furnished by

Original No Knot 5 string tailpiece
Very cool original Bridge, I have not had one of this style...ever.

Neck elevation - 1/16, makes for a nice playing area up by the neck joint and reduces "Slap"

Ready to tune to pitch after the head fully cures