Banjo Uke
(Converted Banjolin)

About 3 years ago I converted this from 8 string to 4 for a friend of mine who no longer plays
Added some inlays and some finish

It had a beautiful tone as is, but needed a little better neck angle so it could use a taller bridge

I'll pull the dowel and reset it for more neck angle and it will be good to go


It is a specialized dowel, that has a tip that fits a mortise so i will need to think out a way to get it up in the front

Once I get that out I can work with the heel angle, its too straight.

I changed the angle of the heel, the angle of the dowel,, recessed the top of the dowel to gain elevation of the fingerboard and built a heel cap with a blue veneer to match the other veneers on the neck.

Shaped to profile

All taking back on finish again, this will really be a "Thors Hammer" when Im done, it was good before, it will be great now
I'll add side dots in a few minutes, real MOP ones.

I have all of the neck angle work completed, lag reinstalled and now I will pull it all apart and complete the finish

She will have a little fade on the rim to go with the neck scheme, and will look quite racy at the finale.

Just a few more coats of clear now, and back together it goes for setup


Good clearance over the arch now

Making a custom bridge from a Mike Keyes ITM bridge

I will thin down the base in 2 areas to make it ride as I wish

I have about 27/32 on the bridge and about 5/32 at the end of the action.
Its tuned GDAE with Bronze and steel strings

These are the gauges on it now, fairly light for comfortabiity but no buzzes
Tone is nice and clear

  I'm liking it alot, very easy to play and good 'mellow' tone, not brash at all.