Work Page 2018
St Louis Band-jos Youth band

Repair donation banjos to  student player status

Mr. Don Dempsey  and Mr. Joe Feager have commissioned me to do some fresh setups and address what issues we can.
The main thing is a nice playable instrument, wiped up and ready for a student .
They range from plain open back 17 fret to 19 fret resonator banjos.
To stay on budget we keep pics to a minimum, implement used parts, donated parts, and some new or used heads, bridges, armrest,strings
All will have side markers and geared tuners as well.
They do not have to be beautiful but they do have to function correctly.
Thanks to those that donate time and material, and thanks to Don Dempsey and Joe Feager for doing what he has done for many years, keep the  4 string banjo alive.
Ginny would be proud.

Banjo 1
No name, has some Bacon attributes.
17 fret open back
 with added Elton resonator
Geared tuners, WaverlyTailpiece
No armrest

The neck is bad, many issues, pear wood extremely degraded, has a back bow.

Shrunken binding, wood nut broken, friction tuners.

Delanination down the center seam from top to bottom

The plan is go through my storage and find a suitable neck that is worth going through.
The rim is VG and has a tone ring.
Ordered new head, 10-3/4
Ordered new geared tuners
Ordered Armrest
More to follow

Banjo 2
Bacon Style C
17 fret open back

Even though it says "fix and sell" this is a VG example, better than Banjo #1 by far, so it has been put into the mix.
Style C is a solid platform and will haul the mail with a fresh setup.
It will get a fresh coat of lacquer, frets dressed, side markers, armrest, tailpiece, geared tuners

Drilled for geared tuners,Frets done, board oiled, adding the markers next

I will get all matching nickel hooks and nuts from inventory

Ready for fresh lacquer


Banjo 3

BD Peerless neck, 19 fret
Lexan resonator back plate
1900s spunover rim assembly
Geared tuners, Clamshell tailpiece, Gibson style armrest

Under the back plate, thats not good news as far as making this a student instrument
The spunover cannot handle the tension at CGDA
The neck is VG
I will find another rim here and swap the neck on to it and either leave it open back or find something that will suffice as a resonator.

The neck will also get finish since its stripped

Combining #1 and #3 Banjos

The neck and hook sets and tension hoop and tuners  with be used off of the #1, and the #3 neck  is being fitted here.
That went well, and has the right angle and plane of elevation over the head.

After the 3 coat production lacquer and tuners installed
I will pull the hooks from the spun over and use them

Tension hoop gap is too small, I will open that up and go forth.

That is all fitted properly, I will pull it back down and do the fretwork next.
Fabbed a Gibson armrest base to fit this config.

Adjustable tailpiece new bridge


Banjo 4
Slingerland Maybell
17 fret openback

This banjo was one I had here as a project
 I will fix it up to replace some donations that were not in any condition or too inferior to make into a good student banjo.
I will part out those donations to help cover costs on things we need and re-purpose what I can

I will work on the fingerboard, dress frets add side dots, repair binding, new nut, Bart bridge fresh neck finish
Clean rim assembly, add geared tuners, (tailpiece, armrest-from Banjo #3) , re-purpose Fskyn II head


Banjo 5
20 fret tenor

Setup on orig head. dressed frets and sealed ends, adjusted truss, head, neck angle , cleaned, oiled fboard, setup


Banjo 6
20 fret tenor

Setup on orig head. dressed frets and sealed ends, adjusted truss, head, neck angle , cleaned, oiled fboard ,setup


Banjo 7
Gibson TB4 Trap door

I will add the proper tine to this brown, to bring it to reddish brown to match the instruments original look

Added armrest, replaced bridge, cleaned and waxed, added armrest, added side dots (last)


Banjo 8


Added armrest, tailpiece, bridge,cleaned and waxed
Added side dots (last)


Banjo 9
Lark in the A.M.

Thin rim and hoop,neck deflection under tension and neck set too low
Will re-use head (low crown) tighen everthing, elevate neck and change neck angle


If you have things to donate please contact Don or Joe here
If not, just check out the site!
Thanks Vinnie