Seb's Project Banjo
Use Customer neck- "Estes" Tenor
22" scale, for 10" rim
Adapt to Prototype Lange Challenger rim

Extra Deep, Block rim, never see before in my shop.
All old work, looks like factory floor sweep parts
Adjustable resonator holes, if you can slide the back, most are very tight.

I had two choices, Seb went deep.

It is a heavy assembly, 9.6 lbs

With the scale as it is vs fingerboard length, I will make the cut here, and then reduce the upper to allow the room for the hoop to clear.

If I do not make the cut back, the bridge would land in the center of the head.

Rim is an interesting design.
I see they used a plugged rim, something made for someone like De Wick maybe, it has that look, as well as the side hole tension hoop.
It is easily as deep as my Truett, or Trujo.

Walnut veneer on back


Made 2 cuts, but not with that razor blade :)

Filled the old hole, will drill it for smaller lag bolt

Cut back complete, lagged

Made attachment at back with long nut, the front attachment also is the tailpiece bracket on the other side.
I will make a rod for it that is only threaded at one end, and a live center on the other end.
Using an old rod that is beat up, perfect for this job.

Cut to a point on one end, it will center into the long nut

This will put pressure on it when tightened, and keep the rim from deforming.
It is not an adjustment rod.

Frets dressed, ready to string
I have boxes of old strings, that are no good for playing but are good for setup work
You just use them and throw them away
So I will test all of my work under tension since I know nothing about this neck

The head is old, but holding
I will change it, if Seb requests a new head.

Test setup

Using No knot for 2 reasons
1, a wide tailpiece will not fit between the hooks
2, I want to see how it sounds with low tension tailpiece

Everything came out close for hand piece work
One shim to give a little more angle, I will make all that permanent on tear down for final setup

Farquhar bridge, sound is nice, bright if you want it, mellow if you want it, depending on pick attack

Slipped in the back, 1/2 holes open, they do not change the sound much to my ear, open or closed.
When open, the player can hear himself more maybe

I could add a little orange to this and almost match the neck.
I will send a sound clip to Seb for assessment


The head that is on it is pulled to the maximum, and the tension nuts had reached the end of the hook thread.
I will replace it with a REMO frosted head, the same that was on it.

On this banjo you can loosen the nut, then pull the hook through the bottom without taking nut off.

Picture of tone ring
Heavy brass ring with side skirt, and additional brass ring.

Now the tension hoop is the proper height over the head, all is well.

I made this tool for the adjusting and I will send this along with the banjo so Seb will have a head wrench.
It is a deep rim, and this can reach the nut.


Sometimes it is hard to get the back out of a Challenger style rim, and this is the best method.
First, pull out the 2 side mount screws, and then take a 1/2" dowel and go around tapping down from the sound hole.
It will take a few times but it will pop out.


All adjusted ,and head is settled.
DR strings and REMO head furnished by
Bridge is custom, by Jim Farquhar

OK, it is ready to go home to Seb and I hope that he feels we made a good effort for this parts banjo.
The tone is full, big, and no bad overtones,and it plays well up and down, it is a good neck.

Thanks for watching