3 Tenors
1 Tenor Recording Guitar

Initial Pics
Stromberg Deluxe Tenor
3rd Design Peghead
Rosewood- Carved heel -Engraved-Nickel Plated
Modern Tuners

#2 Stromberg Marimba Tenor
2nd Design peghead
Fancy MOP inlay
Early Model, -Friction tuners
Rare-Stromberg business card inside
Rosewood-Nickel Plated
Clear head-no armrest

Stromberg Custom Tenor
1st design peghead
Intricate MOP thru-out
Engraved Gold Hardware
Waverly Tuners
Flamed Maple- Neck-Carved Heel
Celluloid Sidewall on resonator-engraved
Birdseye Maple back

Stromberg Recording Tenor Guitar
Very rare instrument, only 6 have surfaced
 Transitional instrument between the banjo and the guitar.
These were using up the last of the banjo parts in the shop before they went on to full sized guitars only.

Elmer Stromberg- inventor

Even though in this pic it still has a double pickguard, it could still be the same instrument as the one listed below.

My example has been restored in the past and only some of the pickguard is left, the rest gassed out.

The Peghead overlays are both celluloid, same inlay pattern, and the top is sectioned in that exact same way.

They were just using up pieces

He made one for my Grandfather that was 6 string, but it left the family before I was born and we have never seen it.

Another example, from the 1940s