After many years of searching, this instrument turned up in a Boston Music Store and an internet person sent me an email alerting me.
The Guitar was sold by my Dad in the 1950s for around 600.00 and he paid a little over 350.00 for it new.
The Guitar was re-topped in the 1930s after Dad broke a Drunk's Jaw when he attempted to grab the guitar from Dad and scratched the top finish with a Diamond ring.
Elmer Stromberg replaced the top and told Dad "That is not covered under the lifetime warranty" so Dad took the man to civil court and won damages.
He thought he would be cool and detune the guitar to make it sound broken, and the Judge actually asked him to play a tune and he muffed it up.
After the trial, Dad said the Judge called him up and said "I know your Father and I know you can play so do not ever try and fool me in my courtroom again or I will tell your Father!"
Dad said he felt his face turn white and then RED!
So it was good to have finally seen that it still exists and someone will end up with a fine guitar

Earliest Pic

This is not a Bar, that is a Backdrop and a Gag Shot
I do not know "Nickie" but Joe is Joe White (Capobianco) another great Boston Musician
Notice the black top and the original tailpiece.

In the Army in Texarkana Tx.
Notice the White Top
If anyone asks, I'll tell the story!
OK, here it is...Short version
A Surly on a dance floor drunk tried to grab it and his diamond ring gouged the top, Dad hit him with it and broke his jaw, went to court, won the case and Elmer put him in another top.
He told Dad "That's not covered under the lifetime warranty, but the first one is free"




Dad was all about "Quotations"
I get that honestly
He signed that before the top was put on when it was made.
The Guitar is now in a museum in Shanghai, China