Keith's Stromberg Deluxe

Full restoration on 2 Deluxes
Change from Nickel to Gold (except tone ring)
Redo woodwork
Use all old hardware, and setup on original skin head
This one is a fine example, with all original hardware
I will send the plating in to be changed to Gold, and with the tone ring left nickel, as is with all Marimba and Deluxe models.
With the skin head on, the tone ring, while very attractive, is not visible as it is with my Deluxe

Disassembly pics

I have installed an original Stromberg tailpiece, to replace a Waverly that was on it
This is a VERY rare tailpiece, and uses "Ball end" strings, not loop end.
I have never encountered another like it.

All parts are counted and paperwork made before shipping to FQMS

Ready to box up, and then the wood gets put into line to be worked on during the time the plating is taking place.

Removing yellowed lacquer and cellulose from bindings purflings
This will make them stand out much better, than just overspraying them with new finish.

Rim on left, (this banjo)already sanded and restained
The other is ready for stain

Necks both final sanded and ready for refinish

Now for the resonators
I will remove all old finish, and seal/clear the components

rims stained, and taking on clear

PLATING /Re-assembly

Another nice job from FQMS

re-installing the tone ring
always rememebr it does have 4 screws holding it down.

Rim shell and skirt installed

Anchor shoes installed

Original head installed

Neck buffed, ready for installation

Buffed MOP buttons before re-insatlling tuners

Since this is the banjo with the most rare of all Stromberg tailpieces, I used a set of Tenor Guitar strings since they have the "Ball" end this TP requires.
It really loads strings easier than the other style, because the string has no way to pop off while tuning it up.

Resonator inside gets one overcoat of finish, and the top marquetry blacked in before the last sprayover

Flanges and hardware installed

Strung to pitch, but resonator is wobbly, because I have not installed the new stops on the rim bottom

First, some new felt in the heel cut

And now the new stops.

Well, I must say it was gratifying as usual to work on yet another Stromberg banjo.
This makes over 30 I have either owned or worked on, and I love them all the same.
Now she can go home to the U.K. and set amongst many other fine banjos from all over.
I still have one more to complete, and then we will wait and see how long, before another arrives.
It can be Years or Days  in between, they are rare instruments.
Take care, and thanks for watching.