Tyler Jackson
Double Neck Tenor Guitar 
Telecaster style
Maple necks-bound
Top neck - CGDA
Bottom Neck -CG-Octave DA (Re-entrant tuning)

Assemble from kit purchased from the Far East.


Cutting in the pick guard,controls, bridges etc.
Body color is polyester resin with pigment (gel-coat)

Added personal Logos, checking neck fit.
Came with brass fret wire and 6 string tailpieces
Will re-fret  with Stainless
Fingerboard is 16" radius-lacquered
Removed the outside 2 string guides on each tailpiece for 4 string application


Neck Fitting

I have to work both pockets to get a proper alignment, will use one center screw, countersunk, that can be extra retention afterwards.

Checking the back plate fit. I am good to go.

1st Setup

Using two banjo tuners to check alignment, while a set of Gotoh  tuners are shipped to me.

Pocket is getting close

I have to remove that area by the pickup, it is cramping the pickup on the top side.


Radius leveling frets at 16", installed the new Gotoh's

Frets dressed and polished, neck ready to install

Top pickups

The screws sent with the pickups are too short, and make the pickups stand too tall, and they have poor retention and I will compensate with longer bigger screw.

The spring has to be compressed all the way with the orig screws

That is as low is it will go with the small screws, it would hit the strings.
So I will pull the guard, change screws, widen the cavity and go back together for another test

About that much will be plenty

Now we have retention and height capability

Now all I will need is a 5 degree wedge on the treble side of the pocket to snug things up and one 015" shim under the tongue to get a little better action.

Stopping here for stringing talk.
Its best to have twins working on a twin :)

Mike Soares is helping me work out the wiring.
Many times has he bailed me out when it comes to electrics, since wiring is not my forte.
Thank the Lord for You Tube, I can "monkey see monkey do" as well as the next guy.
I will get my daughter Christina over to supervise soldering, that is her forte.


Both necks are setup and action is close to where I want to be, it is settling in and necks are playing out now.
It will take Tyler to play it, for us to actually dial it on in to pro level.