IN SHOP 8-3, for minor restoration
1920s Chas. A. Stromberg and Son
"Pre Patent"
Boston Mass.

Maple rim
Rosewood neck and Resonator (By Lange)
4 piece flange with factory rhinestones intact
Waverly tailpiece
Grover Tuners
Engraved Hot dog armrest (Lange)
10-5/8" Cuppo-phone tone ring (Pre patent)

Stromberg banjos began life before 1920, as open back banjos.
They utilized parts made to their specs, from the Vega Co in Boston.
Later Versions like this transitional model, incorporate both Vega and Wm. Lange (NYC) made parts.
Transitional in the sense that both Vega and Lange parts are utilized as well as it has gone from an open back to a resonator banjo.
They invented a tone ring comprised of tubes, and named it the "Cuppo-phone"
 This was advertising of the day, playing off of the popularity of "Telephone"
Vega used "Tub-a-phone" in their banjo line
 Stromberg was a small 2 man operation, not a competitor to either of these firms.
My Grandfather was a close friend of Chas.
 They had worked together at Thompson -O'dell as well as Fairbanks, and then Fairbanks-Vega
Grandpa worked with them in this shop as well as tested the completed instruments. 
 My Father, and many Boston musicians hung out there and later when his son Elmer started making guitars, they became famous in that realm.
There could be as few as 1000 Stromberg banjos in the entire history of the company.
Both men died in 1955.
This model had no name, but it is what became the Marimba .
 "Mirimba" (Obvious typo)  model

Shown in brochure below, my Great Uncle Victor Mondello, Great Uncle Gus and Cousin Paul's namse are listed as an endorsed artist.
Pretty sure Gus was supposed to be Frank, my Grandfather, Gus was his brother, not a banjoist.

The Cuppo-phone was never meant to be a visual attraction, but most Stromberg's you see sport a clear head if it has been in my shop.

EXAMPLE - 1930's Stromberg Deluxe

My Dad on my Deluxe

This particular example is interesting to me as a Stromberg person.

Usually they have a 10-15/16 head, this one is 10 and 5/8, and has a nice crisp tone even with the old setup and the Rogers skin a little slack.

A little over 1.25" the nut

1-7/16" at the runoff

23-7/8" scale

Good elevation over arch ring

Paramount "Hot Dog" armrest -engraved
First I have seen on a Stromberg but it still seems OK, they have Lange necks and Resonators by this time

The Waverly sometimes had a stamped logo at a slant as the broken example shows.
The original Stromberg tailpieces were stamped Stromberg and cast brass , they never break. (Shown below)

Some examples of Deluxe had Waverly armrest with this style engraving...

they also used a "King" armrest for awhile

Early tags had "Chas A.Stromberg and Son", which meant Harry the older of the two brothers
When Elmer came along and started in the shop, later tags has "Sons" on them
Harry did the accounting I am told.

Grover Pancake 4:1 tuners
Later they went to Waverly reverse geared tuners, these were much better.