1920's Vega "Crescent"
The Vega Co. Boston MA

Any Vega collector knows they have to have a Crescent to complete the tenor line and rarely does one surface.
It is a plain vanilla instrument yes, but its rarity factor is way up the scale.
Any 10-1/8" rim Vega that has a full flange resonator is rare.
None of the Vega experts I speak with on a regular basis has seen more than the picture above.

The example shown in my pics is in top notch condition for an original banjo.
23" scale neck with Grover Champion Tuners and Grover Simplex tailpiece, the catalog shows an "Ideal"
I merely cleaned it up and restrung it wth DR's furnished by
Vintage Hide head is still taut and should give good service for a while longer
 Has its original chipboard case, still in fair conditon with alot of tape on it.
Great for conversion to 5 string
I have a maple neck that is 24" short scale made by Master Luthier Wyatt Fawley.
That could be adapted right onto this rim and the finish darkened to match.
My bet is you wouldn't run up against another like it in a banjo fight!