Regal Tenor Guitar Workpage
Mahogany - Spruce Body - Maple neck

This was on my "Projects for sale" page a long time.
So if you saw it there, its now in process.

Initial Pics

Old warhorse with home made pick guard that is too thick and ugly
Some holes on body
Had trapeze tailpiece
A few small cracks to seal

Will go thru fingerboard and refinish neck

Holes all to be sealed
I'm making a player here, not some collectable so if you can bear with some patina, it will be a good bargain 20's Parlor TG

Around 20-21 " scale, will see when its together

Remove neck for reset with new steeper angle
Level fingerboard, add new inlay, refret, side markers
Glue up small cracks
Remove old pickguard and replace

They glued the other pickguard on over some old damage from playing.
Then damage from, old pick guard removal, and some by me just getting the floor tile off of it.
Was glued with something beside hide glue or aliphatic based glue, heat did no good.
70 percent alcohol , Acetone, nothing would loosen it so it was flat blade and chip away at it

Drilled in to loosen heel joint for removal, pumping alcohol down to soften the hide glue
Frets will be pulled on extension and heat iron applied

A pretty clean removal

After sanding as much as prudent, Going forth with Sunburst

Sunburst will help hide a few defects

Some thin tortoise will be used

Just enough to cover the main eyesore

Taped for the  final tints and clear coats

back faded and scraped back to the white edge

Neck  with added side markers, inlaid with split squares set as diamonds.
Simple Diamond theme inlay in peghead from things in my MOP box.
Fretted, and extension is now "fluted" not straight across the bottom.
I like that look personally and no one can play full chords there anyway.

Tints completed
2 more clear coats for both pieces and it will be time to wetsand and buff the pieces and reset the neck.
Then I can continue with fret leveling and setup

A Mock Up of its new look

After prebuffing the pieces, reattachment of the neck

After a few hours in setup, I decided since you cannot play over the extension I wanted to go "flush fret" here so I pulled the wire and went back with .020 white celluloid
It will improve the tone since the extension was never playable on this instrument anyway even with a full leveling, it just has a little rise that I could have caught up to if Id leveled the bottom 7 almost to nothing
I like this look and have done it before and it will help tone down at the 3rd position.


Strung to pitch on 30-24-13-10 for now, sound is good and clear.
I used a modern tailpiece with vintage style, new geared tuners, nice vintage bridge, and original wood nut.

I will let it set now another day with no tension, then Give it a final buffing, tweaking, and it will be ready for KC to give it a test run
I think it plays nicely, happy about that.
But only time will tell as it settles into a groove, gets some vibes back in it to open the tone back up, etc.
A nice little parlor tenor makes it back to the world.
Thanks for watching