Truett -George

(Mfg by Gibson)
FON# 9373-15

19 fret tenor
Very rare instrument

Only 2-3 plectrum versions of this design have surfaced, to my knowledge.
I owned one of them. (Shown below)
We have not been shown another tenor to date.

These Truett's  pre- date the "Trujo" banjo , which evolved from the Truett, that was made in higher numbers.
Made by  The Gibson Co., this example utilized the shoe bracket Gibson 3 ply rim of the 1920's but cut to the specification of the Truett-George design tone ring and flange.
It is the most complicated design of the era and nothing else compares to it in  sheer size and depth.
I had mine apart for fretting so thought I would share some pics of it while it is apart.
It is not for sale.
 I have searched for an example in tenor since 2000 when I had the plectrum.
Hearts Home Acoustics in Boerne Texas acquired this example and my good friends Cheney and Tyler allowed me to purchase it.
1000s of banjos pass thru my hands and for me to want to own something other than the 2 banjos I already have is a big deal!
Thanks HH, for make my dream a reality.

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Truett History
I owned that one as well before it went for conversion

When this case of this magnitude is on the bench, you know its not something "Mainstream"

What goes in there? a Street Howitzer?

After fret work
All finish is original
All Hardware is original
Head is vintage, from BD Silver Bell
A nice thick vellum, that is what I want for this setup.

This model uses the early non grooved tension hoop seen on Gibson TB00.
11" rim diameter

Gibson factory markings

You can see a similarity with these flanges and the Bacon and Day flanges of the era.

Velma Truett can be seen in early BD catalogs, so this design factor is probably brought along with her.

I used a vintage Bacon Banjo head on it, to keep the mood going.
And I like vintage hide heads when its suitable and this is one of those times.


4-3/4" total depth