In transit from Bulgaria 3-18

 Antique violin

Condition: Needs restoration. Visible from the pictures.
Length of the whole piece: 60 cm
Additional measures: see the pics

 Marked Josef Guarnierius Fecit Cremonae anno 1734 IHS (with cross above).
 One piece back.
There are pictures of the inside label.

I am not a violin expert. The only thing I can say is that the label is obviously of the old type laid paper, which was used before 1850, as the fibers are visible.
Labels on classical instruments from before around 1850 were mostly made of laid paper. Handmade in a laborious process, laid paper uses linen fibers taken from recycled rags. The rags were sorted according to color, then broken down into fibers and set into a water bath. The wet fibers were then put into a wire sieve which allowed the water to drain out and the fibers to dry. The imprint of the wire sieve formed lines called “chains” or “laid lines” on the surface of the paper. This resulting grid of intersecting lines is especially visible when dust settles on the labels placed between the high ribs.
The printing was also done by hand with lead type, set with pressure onto the paper. Because laid paper has a certain natural resistance to water, little ink would run on the paper surface, and the printing typically possesses a crisp, clean outline.

Neck was knocked loose in shipment, no damage, thank the Lord.

Saves me the effort.
Soaking the glue off with a damp rag, per my mentor's instructions.

All clean, will protect the edges with a board

After glue and clamp new (old)  Rosewood fingerboard installed

Top crack sealed
Varnish cleaner applied, will leave all the rest of the patina on this one

Oiling boards