Wally Schmidt Workpage

Well, the best laid plans go asunder.
So a page to help explain is necessary.
And this was never even that to start with and now I am burned.
It turns out that Dale was right, the plate flange was not brass.
I have never seen any Lange made instrument with a pressed bi-metal flange.
But alas, it was.
I can put a magnet on it and feel light magnetism.
Although I would love to lay the blame on Dale I was the one that said "It has to be brass"
If he had not stripped the piece first, it would have plated OK but all plater's protect their tanks by stripping any lacquer's and such before it goes into the tank.
In my defense, beside there never being another Lange thru here without a brass flange, would be that he was wrong on the last job, when it was a Tubaphone ring he was arguing with me about it not being brass and I was right.
Now, its my turn to be wrong.
The only thing I can say against him would be he never checks things with a magnet and he never scrapes down to look for brass.
But still now I am at fault, in a bind, and have tried one thing so far that has not worked.
BP is high,  soaring...so bear with me, I will get something to happen.

Nothing wrong with this phase at least
All buffed and waxed

Always packed well

All other pieces great, as good as any I have ever had anywhere, and none are perfect

So the flange, degraded after stripping, and he plated it anyway.
Ferrous metals of any kind cannot handle that strip.


Old Lange Made, same style flange , but REAL  brass, and thicker like a regular flange

Already know it will not fit, this rim has a recess for it.
I will part this banjo out anyway, now that it is apart.

It just sets up on your rim, but would have worked and been a better flange than the first.

But in his defense, the rest of the plating was damn good.

A little luck
I was able to use my DA to power sand off the plating and most of the pitting, and used all the way from 150 to 100 grit, then buffed and I got a very good result.

Now I will buff it and wax it

Last coat of wax

With the action set where I set it, 1/2 is too low
Also, 2 of the inserts fell out of it and I glued them back in
This is about a 9/16,  and I like how it plays, you can order whatever you want, I had no Farquhars, yours and a spare new Saga bridge will be in da case pocket.

Tied up, and will put spare ties in case pocket

Extra DR Strings, Wrench, cloth, tiewraps, one extra 010, picks, and 250 Hush money" in da pocket
I'll be paying return shipping in a new box insured, lemme know if I did not send enuf.
Plays nicely, sounds great to me, I hope we got it nailed down Kingfish